I am going to introduce my favorite singer

You can watch this video first. She is an absolutely powerful, kickass singer.

She has been covering Hip-Hop artists such as Eminem on Youtube.

She was born in Melbourne, Australia but grew up in Singapore and Jakarta, before moving back to Melbourne.

She is really a rising star in not only Japan, but the world!

Have you listened to this music????

Recently she has produced her new song!

Her music is absolutely KILLIN IT!!

Her outfits on Instagram are also always slaying.

She usually works a lot of black into her outfits.

When I met her she looked just as stunning in real life.

I asked her best friend, She said "Her makeup is super gorgeous too, I'm so proud of how far she's come following her dream" by E

She can speak Japanese, Indonesian and of course English.

We can not wait to follow all of her adventures and keep up with all the things happening for her.

Writing by Shunya Amemiya; edited by E.